Sudáfrica - la Nación arco iris

South Africa is not called the rainbow nation for nothing. What you get in South Africa is the “World in one country” and that’s not overstating it by any means. It is a simply gorgeous and varied land that takes in colour, vibrancy, awesome nature and some pretty fantastic cities to boot. Anyone who has been to Cape Town, for example, will know what we mean by that. It’s as if this mythical southern tip of Africa was showered with wonder dust when being formed.

South Africa boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts

Bienvenido a nuestra selección de villas con encanto en Sudáfrica y hoteles boutique de Sudáfrica. Secretplaces destaca sólo aquellos alojamientos verdaderamente especiales con alma. Sean cuales sean sus motivos para viajar, ya sea un viaje a la impresionante Ciudad del Cabo y la Montaña de la Mesa, la emoción de alojarse en un eco-lodge en el Parque Kruger, Secretplaces le ayudará a encontrar el lugar perfecto.

South Africa - what to do

For adrenalin lovers, it is the adventure capital of the world. You can, of course, sit with a glass of good wine in hand by the beach and just do nothing. But what about shark-cage-diving? Swimming with penguins? Trekking in stunning mountains fashioned from the sea and wind? Visiting a Safari Parks? It’s all there in South Africa.

In order to recover from the action-packed activities a little, take a trip to one of South Africa’s charming cities. Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town are particularly noteworthy here. The latter is the oldest city in the country and is also called the "Mother City". Cape Town is the perfect starting point to climb the Table Mountain or to visit the nearby Cape of Good Hope.
Obviously, not all is peachy pink. The country’s political and historical problems and challenges are well documented, but that doesn't stop it from being a magical and welcoming destination, which is worth a trip whole year long. Also, South Africa’s inhabitants are some of the most welcoming and gregarious on Earth.